Peter Lyons


Some notes about some of my more interesting projects are below. This is not an all-inclusive list, so feel free to look through my github account for other things I have built or contributed to.


mjournal screen shot

mjournal (2013-2019) is a minimalist journaling web application. It has a simple data model with entries stored chronologically and full-text search and tags for organization. There are 2 visual themes. The stack is postgresql, express, and angularjs and it is deployed via docker.

White Glove

white-glove is a data integrity checking utility for MongoDB, CouchDB, and any set of JSON objects.


linkzie screen shot

Linkzie (2011-2019) is a web-based bookmark management application. It differs from many others in that it gives you "one big wall of links" layed out in a grid that is optimized for spacially-oriented thinking/memory. It has a nice drag and drop UI and in-place editing. The stack is jQuery/JavaScript in the browser, Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL on the server.


Commander is my python-based command interpreter for OS automation/utility. The README on github is extensive, so click through for details.


Help node or python projects bootstrap themselves.

Express Code Structure

express_code_structure is a template project for a well-organized express.js application. Created in support of one of my most popular stackoverflow answers.

Plus Party

Plus Party is a little app I wrote to help with quick and informal numeric subtotals when tax season comes around and because I couldn't find an existing calculator app that worked this way. It has been implemented thus far in AngularJS then ReactJS then Elm.

Flick Date Fixer

Flickr Date Fixer is a web application I built to fix incorrect dates on photos taken with my smartphone and uploaded to flickr. The app is built with

More details on my blog post about it. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who ever used it, and I only deployed it to nodejitsu so more likley that not, the app is probably down at the moment. It's open source and available on github at focusaurus/flickr-date-fixer.


Othenticate was an prototype I built for a SaaS product to provide account management (login, change password, etc) for web applications. It's been idle for a while after I concluded it was a bit too ambitious for a one-person lifestyle business type app. It's built on node, express, and mongodb.


Back in the summer of 2001 I wrote an ear training (musical pitch recognition) program in Java Swing.

This program will help you quickly learn to recognize and identify common musical structures including intervals, scales/modes, and chords.

SmartEars Advanced Chords Screen Shot SmartEars Settings Screen

Start SmartEars!

My java friends who don't want to mess around with Java Web Start can download smartears.jar and launch the application by typing:

java -jar smartears.jar

Using SmartEars should be (I hope!) largely self-explanatory and easy.

Two quick tips:


BigClock is a simple desktop clock utility that fills up the entire window with a clock, so you can get a clock of any size. It allows you to choose your own colors and time format. You can launch it through Java Web Start with the link below, or download the jar file directly and run it with the command 'java -jar bigclock.jar'using JRE 1.3 or newer.

Download bigclock.jar

Run it with java -jar bigclock.jar