Peter Lyons

Denver Rust Meetup Reactivated

March 01, 2018

So I just went to my first meetup of the Denver/Boulder Rust meetup group. The group has been around a while but went inactive for over a year. I was and am really excited to get it going again. The meetup went really well! We had about 20 attendees and folks seemed pretty engaged and interested. One of our planned speakers canceled at the last minute due to a family emergency, but Joel Dice and I just did what software developers normally do: expand time spent to fill up time allocated! Just kidding (kind of)! Actually, I only went 4 minutes over my 20 minute slot which for me was a personal best as without multiple practices my default length for "talk about tech topic X" is 90 minutes before I start too realize I'm talking too long.

After the talks we grouped up to work on stuff and I paired with @DebugSteven on trying to get the rustdoc HTML docs to stay collapsed if you click the collapser minus sign and reload the page (currently they forget and show up expanded again). We got a simple change coded and I'll be submitting a pull request shortly. Well, maybe not so shortly because it seems the main.js file we changed is actually part of the main "rust" repo with the entire language and a bunch of other tools. So even for me to do a python doc seems to required several CPU-hours of compilation.

I ordered too much food. I knew I was going to. On the phone I thought "I'm about to order too much food". Then I hung up and thought "I just ordered too much food". I don't really know how this works, but luckily folks were willing to take all the leftovers home so I didn't end up having to deal with that.