Peter Lyons

Recurse Center 23: SQL window functions

December 12, 2017

Today was the first day where I focused primarily on my SQL project, which was my second priority overall. I did most of the pgexercises on aggregation. There were quite a few of them and by the end they were really challenging. I learned bit about common table expressions which seem awesome and windowing functions which seem great for the business rollup type reports which are otherwise frustrating in regular SQL. I met with the study group today and we lamented the lack of good material that actually teaches this stuff clearly. We are looking at 3-4 books to potentially select.

I managed to get into code flow this afternoon on tealeaves and I expanded my arsenal of test key files to include the special -o openssh-key-v1 format for the rsa, dsa, and ecdsa algorithms. ed25519 keys always use this format, but the other algorithms can be saved in 2 formats, this one or ASN.1.

The good news is that some of my nom code to parse this format in the public key code can be re-used for private key code as well. I'm excited to refactor to that tomorrow.