Peter Lyons

Recurse Center 18: SQL joins

December 05, 2017

Today I mostly worked on some pgexercises. I learned some good things and did some fairly complex joins but I still feel like I need a lot more practice with joins before I'll actually get that clear light bulb of understanding. Our study group met and reviewed some stuff and made plans. I was hoping to also do some web security capture the flag exercises AND make progress on tealeaves but didn't even come close to getting to either of those today.

My general feeling is as per my focusaurus username, I do much better working on just 1 thing at a time and the past few days I've tried to sprinkle in some web security and SQL stuff and my main rust/tealeaves project basically came to a halt. I think mostly this is OK as I can work heads down alone on tealeaves when I get home but the other topics benefit a lot from working with my peers here. We'll see how I feel in another 2 days or so. I was casually hoping to have tealeaves be mostly working for modern ssh key formats by Thursday but it might not quite get there including CLI usability stuff.