Peter Lyons

Recurse Center 2: Generics

November 08, 2017

Worked through 3 of the really tricky chapters of Rust By Example today. Still not a ton of lightbulbs illuminating but it will come with more coding. I feel hesitant to code more exercises until I get through the next 3 chapters on error handling etc and then I'll have a bit more knowledge whereas this morning hacking through stuff it was clear I didn't have the basics down when I had working code and just wanted to extract it unchanged into a function, which should in theory be straightforward, but I was unable to express the type signatures correctly.

Also paired a little bit on passport.js and nginx with my batchmates.

Already had a bit of panic about what if I need 2 weeks just to get basic fluency in rust then I have only 4 weeks to code on a project.