Peter Lyons

Terrible Customer Support from Chase

November 25, 2015

So the Chase mobile banking app does not work properly on my new Google Nexus 5X phone. When taking a photo to deposit a check, the on-screen preview is rotated 180 degrees. This makes it really awkward to try to center the check because when you move the phone intuitively to fix alignment, it gets worse not better.

I googled this and found it's a known problem due to some technical details about this particular phone and it requires the chase mobile app developers to code a fix and release an update via the google play store.

Here's a reddit thread where the Tech Lead for the Android Camera Framework confirms it.

Here's another reddit thread where 2 other users confirm the problem in the Chase app specifically.

Here's an android central thread on this topic.

So I tried to tell Chase about it. It went like this:

Then I got profane, which I almost never do, but I said something along the lines of "No. Fuck that. I've already sent you emails in 2 different systems and called one telephone number. I'm not sending smoke signals. I'm not telegraphing anyone. You fucking record this bug in your system and communicate it internally to the right people on my behalf". The profanity seemed to actually prompt helpfulness, which is a sad truth, but eventually I found a reddit shortlink and spoke it to him over the phone. Hopefully they'll fix their app.