Peter Lyons

Announcing Plus Party

February 22, 2014

So when I started dealing with 1099-MISCs for tax season this year in January, I found myself struggling to get my data in a single place and compute a few simple sums for expenses, income, etc. My finances in 2013 weren't really complex enough to need a real small business finance software package, but I did find myself struggling with having to collect numbers from several different web sites to get things in order. At the end of the day I just needed to copy some numbers from web sites and total them up. However, I couldn't find any calculator out there that worked well for my use case of wanting a few key things:

So, I ended up building one. Well, first I paired with @debrazapata prototyping it at a coffee shop here in Louisville. We built the whole thing in one short session and she typed everything out having no experience with AngularJS. Here's the jsfiddle she built. My version is up here at /plusParty including clips from Clue the movie, which is a well-deserved cult classic.

So go check it out!

Plus Party: Get Your Addition On!