Peter Lyons

Flickr Date Fixer

April 28, 2013

Try my flickr date fixer app!

So the startup/solopreneur community really likes little mantras and axioms. I wrote a little web application that follows mantras such as:

I have built and released a web app that focuses on an itch I have and may serve a small niche market consisting of only myself, but with that understood, my app is able to:

In order to find this app useful, you probably have to:

Not sure if anyone other than me fits all these criteria, but this is fundamentally a bug in the camera app on these phones and for reasons I cannot fathom, Google seems unwilling or uninterested in releasing an update with a fix. The problem is incorrect EXIF metadata within the photo image files themselves. The bug causes every photo to be marked as December 8, 2002 at noon.

The app is pretty small and gave me a nice opportunity to try some new technologies (as well as use many that have been in my preferred stack for months or years).

The nice thing about this app is given that it is all OAuth based and is basically a custom UI using the flickr API for all the business logic, it doesn't need any database at all. This means it is easy to deploy. So for the novelty of it, I have chosen to deploy it onto nodejitsu, and in theory they will host it for free since it is open source.