Peter Lyons

Linkzie 0.7.1 released

July 05, 2011

So after a fairly lengthy period of inattention to my Linkzie bookmark manager, I got frustrated on my current project and turned my focus to Linkzie today for some updates. There's a new menu bar shamelessly stolen from the new google bar. A brand new "beach house" color theme has been applied. The "organize" UI has been changed significantly. Lots of other minor UX tweaks have been made. For example, you can now click anywhere on the entire row for a link as opposed to before where you had to click on the actual link text itself. Perhaps the biggest improvement is session expiration detection. Since linkzie is designed to sit open in a browser tab for long periods of time, it was possible for a user's server side session to expire with the window open. The UI would let them attempt to make changes, only to fail with a login required situation when trying to save their changes. This resulted in lost work and an error message popping up. Now linkzie will poll the server periodically which will likely just keep your session alive longer, but if it does expire, the UI is updated to reflect that. You can still use your links, but all editing operations are disabled and you are notified to sign in again if you need to make any edits.

Have a look and let me know what you think!