Peter Lyons

Show HN: My bookmarking app

March 17, 2011

So the Hacker News Guidelines tell me when submitting something I should write a blog post about it and link to that. OK, here it is. I'd like to get feedback from the HN community about my simple but effective bookmarking web application: Linkzie. I built it mostly during nights/weekends while holding down a day job doing enterprise software. I know there are a lot of apps out there for this problem, especially in the recent months following the leaked "sunset" presentation. I missed that boat to announce the app, but anyway here it is. I think the interface is very clean and straightforward and the functionality is simple. There's nothing here that can't be explained in a handful of words. You put in your URLs, it lets you lay them out on one big page. There's drag and drop organization and in-place editing. You can try the app using sample data right on the home page without needing to sign in (click no the "Next" link in the tour to see the edit mode).

The app was written mostly as an "organic" project since I have been maintaining a home page of links using a little python script to generate static HTML since 2003 or thereabouts. I wanted to learn modern web development (spent 2004-2010 in back end enterprise software) with rails and jquery. My initial thought was this space was completely saturated but the success of Pinboard has made me rethink that assumption. Linkzie doesn't have any whiz-bang fancy features currently, but maybe the spacial layout and clean design will appeal to some users.