Peter Lyons

Adirondack Coding Trip 2021

What is it?

We've rented a huge luxury rental home in upstate New York and we are gathering a bunch of like-minded programmers to spend time working on coding projects, gaining skills, making new friends, and hanging out in a super fancy house in a gorgeous scenic natural environment.

When is it?

Monday October 11, 2021 to Thursday November 4, 2021. It's 24 nights and 3 full weekends.

About the house

The house is amazing! It's a huge luxury vacation home with 6 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms.

Check out the rental listing with basic info, map, photos.

I especially encourage you to use the very well-done virtual tour to explore the house and the grounds. Don't skip clicking on the circles labled "360" especially on the deck so you can look around the yard with the fire pit, etc.

There's access to the riverfront right on the property, 23 acres to explore without leaving the grounds, fireplaces, sauna, hot tub, huge wrap-around deck, gigantic high-ceiling great room, game room, etc. There should be amazing views of fall foliage during our stay.

Finding a place like this with legit high-speed Internet is a challenge as in general upstate NY is not well covered by the co-ax monopoly Charter/Spectrum which means most places have satellite or DSL, and most rental listings are intentionally vague about the specifics, but we have been assured by the property manager that this house has a high-speed fiber connection that should give us good Internet access. We will do some guerilla ethernet and gaff tape networking as needed if we start to saturate the wifi. I'll be bringing 2 high-end access points that should allow us to cover enough areas well.

What will we eat?

My partner Stella (she/her) will be running the kitchen and providing a base meal plan that will have us well-fed with 2 meals a day plus snacks/continental . She and I will be handling all the grocery shopping, cooking, and cleanup so you all can relax and focus on your projects. So our primary approach will be group food and meals. We think this will keep the kitchen logistics manageable and be very affordable. Of course we will be well-provisioned with coffee and tea etc. Everyone will be welcome to supplement this with a bit of their own food/snacks as well and there will be chances to cook separately a few times if you want to do a special fancy meal. A lot of meals will be easy to tailor to individual diets like salad bar, tacos, sandwich bar style, etc. Vegetarian options will always be available and most common food allergies we should be able to accommodate. We don't think it will be workable to have everyone cook separately or leave it free-for-all. Let us know how that sounds and if you have any needs or concerns.

What's so special about Adirondack Park/Lake Placid?

My family has been doing vacations in the Adirondack mountains of upstate NY for four generations. It is a lovely and bucolic area full of lakes and rivers bubbling with clear crisp water, lovely rolling hills, tall trees, thick woods, friendly ducks, and fresh air. It has become a place of spiritual importance to me and my visits there are invariably healing and rejuvenating. If you've been, then you know, but if it's your first time I'm so glad you'll get to experience it.

What will it cost?

Prices are per person and inclusive of your full room and board for the whole trip.

The biggest main private bedroom with ensuite bath has already been booked at a higher rate.

Per night these work out to a little less than you would pay at most hotels and airbnbs just for lodging.

If you cannot afford this, please complete the application form below. We hope to be able to offer partial grants as needed.

What next if I'm interested?

Please fill out our interest/application form and we'll be in touch. A $200 deposit will reserve you room. The deposit is refundable in full up to September 1 if your plans change.

What if I have questions?

Shoot Pete an email and we'll discuss.