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Project Fi and Nexus 5X report
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My Airpair Session was written up
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Linkzie gets a stack upgrade
Thoughts on launching and scaling quickly
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Web Framework Woes
Linkzie 0.7.1 released
Commander: Utility Automation
Leveling Up: Career Advancement for Software Developers
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Startup Weekend Boulder: Bridge My Path
Linkzie gets a bookmarklet
House of Genius
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New web designs
Going all in on gmail
node.js and command line jQuery
The Perfect Exercise Headphones
And the bots show up
Wiki migration from MoinMoin to gitit
Unit tests are like Ewoks
Managing complexity and chaos
OS X and CD burning non-smartness
jQuery and Ball World
Home LAN fails and wins
Cease and desist your password restrictions
A response to "Handling Bugs in an Agile Context"
Sonos pricing insanity continued
No one really cares about web accessibility anyway...
No squids for me, Bruce
UNIX is broken
On flash eating my key browser keyboard commands
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Windows Server 2008 Setup Annoyances
Remove your SCM system from your job postings
On Idempotence, intention, and unix commands
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MoinMoin Columns Macro
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Environment Variables Considered Harmful
Business hours
The wheel of not waiting
How to disable wpautop in WordPress blogs
Maritz: 1 - Very Dissatisfied
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Thoughts on Scrum
Code Conventions
How to run two wordpress blogs on one web site
Music subscription and Rhapsody
Announcing Pete's Points